• 1. To study the agricultural climate in relation to crop planning and assessment of crop production potentials in different agroclimatic regions.
    2. To establish crop-weather relationships for all the major rainfed and irrigated crops in different agroclimatic regions.
    3. To evaluate the different techniques of modification of crop micro-climate for improving the water use efficiency and productivity of the crops.
    4. To study the influence of weather on the incidence and spread of pests and diseases of field crops.
    5. To provide weather based agro-advisories using medium range weather forecast and ICT
    6. To collect and update of weather data in the Agromet data bank at CRIDA

  • Weather based agro-advisories are being generated and transmitted to farmers successfully. Lot of information has been generated on crop weather relationships across the country where the centres are located. The database generated on crop and weather at 25 centres culminated in successful validation of some crop simulation models which now can be applied for decision support systems, contingency planning and refinement of agro-advisories