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     The Indian agriculture and it's economy are strongly influenced by the vagaries of the weather. The farming community is in great need to have access    to weather information to plan and manage their crops and their livelihoods. One of the important communication system which is gaining increased  acceptance in the recent times is the Internet. Attempt is thus made to use this interface to provide valuable agromet information to the users through this  Crop Weather Outlook of ICAR. The CWOL  envisages  to  provide Agrometeorological  information  highlights   generated  under  the   All  India Coordinated  Research  Project  on Agrometeorology (AICRPAM) and its Cooperating and Collaborating Centres along with ‘Value Added Agro-advisory Reports

     The Web site is operating from the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad where the AICRPAM is located and is linked to the ICAR Web site for a wider use by the planners, researchers, farming community and other public users.The Web site not only provides information on the research activities of the Agromet Centres located at various State Agricultural Universities but also provides linkages to other associated Web sites where information of agrometeorological relevance is located so that the viewer has access to all related information of his needs. It is hoped that the Web site will help the user to utilize the information for improved management of agricultural system as well as achieving enhanced and sustained agricultural productivity.

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