The All India Coordinated Research Project on Agrometeorology (AICRPAM ) was started during May 1983 with its Coordinating Unit at the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad and ten Cooperating Centres at Anantapur, Anand, Bangalore, Hisar, Jabalpur, Ludhiana, Mohanpur,Ranchi, Solapur and Varanasi.The programme was strengthened during VII Plan by starting two new centres, viz., Kovilpatti in Tamil Nadu and Ranichauri in the hill region of Uttar Pradesh. The Varanasi centre was shifted to Faizabad in 1990 . The programme was further strengthened during VIII Plan with the addition of 13 new centres with effect from April 1995 at Akola, Arjia (Rajasthan), Bhubaneswar, Bijapur, Dapoli, Jorhat, Kanpur, Palampur, Parbhani, Raipur, Rakh Dhiansar (Jammu), Samastipur and Thrissur, thus covering 25 SAUs in the country

Parbhani Bhubaneshwar Bangalore Kovilpatti Thrissur Anantapur Bijapur Dapoli Solapur Akola Anand Raipur Mohanpur Ranchi Jabalpur Udaipur Samastipur Jorhat Faizabad Kanpur Hisar Ludhiana Ranichauri Palampur Chatha Hyderabad