2016 ICAR-sponsored training program on ĎAgrometeorological Data Collection, Analysis and Managementí for ICAR technical staff organized at ICAR-CRIDA
2016 Brainstorming Session on "Future Thrusts and Strategies for Agrometeorogical Research, Education and Extension in India" 29-30 April 2016
2016 AICRPAM-NICRA Annual Review Meeting 27-29 April 2016
2016 Agromet Research Explicate Program (AREP) - 10-19 February 2016
2015 Capacity building program on Agromet data analysis, crop simulation modeling and documentation of results - 28 July -06 August 2015
2015 Capacity building program on "Strengthening the capabilities in Agromet data analysis and modeling" 3-12 February 2015