Development of Weather Based Forewarning Systems for Crop Pests and Diseases 




  1. Compilation and analysis of historical databases on climate, crop, pests and diseases for developing operational weather based forewarning models
  2. Validation of the models at research farms and farmers' fields
Mission Leader


 Dr. H.P. Singh, Director, CRIDA, Hyderabad
Project Investigator  Dr. Y.S. Ramakrishna, AICRPAM, CRIDA, Hyderabad
  1. NCIPM, New Delhi
  2. IASRI, New Delhi
  3. NCMRWF, New Delhi
  4. IISC, Bangalore
Lead Centres



  1. CICR, Nagpur
  2. DRR, Hyderabad
  3. NRCG, Junagadh
  4. IISR, Lucknow
  5. IIPR, Kanpur
  6. NRCR&M, Bharatpur
Project period   Jun 2001 to Dec 2003
Budget   Rs. 453.55 lakhs
  • Requirement analysis workshop conducted
  • Collected weekly pest and weather data for 35 stations in India
  • Developed pest forecasting equations for rice

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